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Critics & Presenters have THIS to say

about their experiences with Emile!

  “Emile Pandolfi plays show tunes, movie music, and the Great American Song Book, like no one else. He even includes the occasional classical selection, which is inevitable, as he is a classically trained artist in the traditional sense. Pandolfi’s dexterity at the keyboard is highly polished; yet one hardly notices. One does notice his gorgeous tone, which seemingly knows no depth; his pianissimo playing, which I can tell you, reaches all the way to the back of the hall; his massive fortissimos, which always leave the impression that he has more to give; his melting legato touch, which makes the piano sound like anything but a percussive instrument; and his seemingly limitless imagination…”

  J. Pendley Atlanta, GA

“Emile is a consummate entertainer.

To call him just a great pianist does a disservice to his wonderful show.”

Dave Briggs / Presenter

“The connection between Emile and the audience was electric!

The combination of his superb musicianship, humor and warmth make

Emile Pandolfi a performer not to be missed!

We can’t wait for him to return!”

Jane Lonon / Executive Director, Ashe County Arts Council

“He charms the audience, very talented, a master at it.

He owns the audience!”

Steve Davis / NC School of the Arts Foundation / The Stevens Center

“WOW!!  Talk about professionalism!!!!  You folks are INCREDIBLE !

You are the talk of the town!  Front page in color the next day!  Top center!

We've had pianists from all over and none, ...nobody...even came close to making that piano produce what Emile did.  No contest.”

Pete Berry / USC Union

“Once again, on behalf of the staff at the PAC, I want to thank you

for the opportunity to present your world-class production in our theater.

It is the high water mark for this theater’s five year operations!”

Richard Ludwig / Mgr. Middle Township Performing Arts Center

“Emile is the consummate professional who both entertains with his

musical talents and delights with his engaging personality.

Audiences love him!”

Marty Richards / STC Foundation



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